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Committed to the Future

“Ensuring tomorrow by what we do today”

Responsible Stewardship

We believe the best strategy for responsible stewardship is to maintain a healthy growing forest. This is best accomplished through a continuous cycle of harvest and regeneration of vigorously growing trees.

As a leader in sustainable forestry, we realize that we are responsible not only to our investors, employees and residents of the communities in which we operate, but also to future generations. Therefore, every aspect of our timber management is based upon a long-term approach to ensure we will be able to continue to provide a sustainable supply of forest products which will not only meet the needs of the present, but also continue the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

In order to make certain we are being good stewards of the land, we strive to protect the additional advantages it provides such as clean air and water, as well as biodiversity. Our goal of sustainable timber production seeks to ensure our forests and the land, water and wildlife which they contain, will remain sustainable for years to come. We strive to protect our land and its valuable resources from wildfire, insects, disease or other damaging agents which  aids in maintaining and improving long-term forest health and productivity. We further support advances in credible research, science and technology to sustain long term forest management.


Climate Change

Our land management efforts play a vital role in helping mitigate climate change. As our trees grow, they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere which is stored in their roots, limbs and trunks as well as the soil. Once the trees are harvested, a portion of their carbon remains in the ground and wood products made from them. Upon completion of harvest, more trees are regenerated which will begin to immediately absorb more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.  As the trees mature they will store additional carbon and this process maintains a continuous cycle that provides a long-term positive impact to the environment.   All the while through the process of photosynthesis the trees release oxygen which provides clean air for us to breathe.

Changes in the climate over the course of time could pose potential risks to Four Rivers’ assets. Four Rivers endeavors to consider potential climate risks, as well as the measures which can be taken to mitigate these risks, in its management plans.

Environmental Management & Forest Certifications

Our land management practices align with the certification requirements of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). These practices promote a land stewardship ethic that integrates reforestation and the managing, growing, nurturing and harvesting of trees for useful products, and for the provision of ecosystem services such as the conservation of soil, air and water quality and quantity, climate change adaptation and mitigation, biological diversity, wildlife and aquatic habitats, recreation and aesthetics.

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Biodiversity & Wildlife

In accordance with our practices and forest certification requirements, we are committed to protecting and monitoring the biodiversity on our land. As we help steward healthy ecosystems, they will continue to be sustainable for the long term. Our practices include maintaining riparian/streamside management zones, age class distributions, natural regeneration, and species diversity.

We work to identify protected, threatened, or endangered species and their habitats. Our employees, contractors and management practices are aimed to ensure that we do not adversely affect these species. In addition, we regularly conduct a wildlife assessment survey across portions of our land which provides insight on habitat population.


Water, Wetlands & Soil

Forests are essential in providing clean water used by our communities, plants and wildlife, as they act as a recharge zone for groundwater. In addition, the root systems, soil and underlying permeable rock formations serve as a filter to naturally remove impurities from the water as it infiltrates deeper into the ground. It is our standard practice to adhere to all requirements of Silvicultural Best Management Practices (BMPs) to protect the quality and quantity of water in our forests, which is crucial in maintaining long-term sustainability.

Soil productivity is of vital importance to the health and productivity of our forests. As we implement BMPs in our forest management activities, this will help minimize erosion and prevent sediment from entering waterways.


Four Rivers endeavors to have a positive impact on our surrounding communities where our employees live and thrive, as well as being respectful of Indigenous Peoples’ rights. We provide for a safe and healthy work environment and continually provide training and education opportunities for our employees to improve the practice of sustainable forestry.

We play an active role in our community by donating to various charities, as well as being one of the largest donors to the Annual Florida Forest Festival which promotes and emphasizes the importance of forestry in our region and beyond. In addition, Four Rivers provides recreation opportunities to the public consistent with our private landowner rights and objectives.


Ethics and Compliance

Four Rivers stands for the core values of high moral and ethical standards, honesty, and integrity. As such, we expect all organization members to be directed by the same values in their judgment and behavior. Our company adheres to all applicable federal, provincial, and state laws, statutes and regulations.


Report  Concerns or Questions

Anyone inside or outside our organization can report any  concerns by calling (850) 838-2200 or submitting the concern to [email protected].


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