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Four Rivers Land & Timber Company LLC owns one of the largest near contiguous holdings east of the Mississippi River. Along with our property in central Georgia, we own and manage over 580,000 acres of institutional grade timberland and continue to evaluate additional acquisition opportunities.

Four Rivers continues a long history of timberland management. With emphasis on timber production balanced by proven methods of maintaining biodiversity, air quality, water and wildlife conservation, we provide a sustainable supply of forest products without compromising environmental stewardship.

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Four Rivers Facts

Taylor County, the heart of Four Rivers’ Florida property, is the home of the Florida Forest Festival, which celebrates the forest industry annually on the fourth Saturday of every October.
The majority of Four Rivers’ property is located in Taylor County, Florida which is known as the “Tree Capital of the South”. Consisting of approximately 560,000 acres, it is one of the largest nearly contiguous properties east of the Mississippi River.
The majority of Four Rivers’ Georgia property is located in scenic Stewart County.
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