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As good stewards of the property, we provide habitat for a vast array of flora and fauna and encourage the enjoyment of this natural beauty and wildlife through our recreation programs. The property encompasses and is nearby numerous bodies of freshwater that provide recreational opportunities, and adjoins the Gulf Coast communities of Keaton Beach and Steinhatchee known to saltwater enthusiasts as some of the best flats for fishing and scalloping.

A portion of our property has been identified for potential large-scale business development. The long-term land planning efforts in Taylor County include ample opportunity for future business development, retail, industrial and housing to meet future demand.




The Florida property is located in the wood basket of North Florida.  This is a high timber demand region of Florida and South Georgia with an estimated 27 million tons of mill capacity within 100 miles of the property. Our holdings are centered in Taylor County expanding into the adjoining counties of Lafayette, Dixie, Madison and Jefferson. We manage ecologically diverse timberlands ranging from sandhills to flatwoods to pocosins. The management of our land has benefited the community for many generations by providing employment opportunities, as well as being the primary timber supplier for many local mills.


The Georgia property is located in Stewart and Chattahoochee Counties. In close proximity to Providence Canyon (which is commonly referred to as “the little Grand Canyon”), this property is a combination of bottomland and ridges. The unique characteristics of the property include the scenic views and abundant wildlife. Located near the Chattahoochee River and Lake Eufaula, the area is popular with not only avid wildlife enthusiasts, but also with sport fishermen.

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