Our lands present an extraordinary opportunity. Massive physical landholdings and development entitlements have been assembled at a scale that allows for unequaled economic transformations. The synergistic large-scale employment centers, new residential communities and natural systems coexist through advance planning have the potential to transform North Florida while preserving its valued natural and rural character.  The state and county approved plan include multiple mixed-use residential planning areas and large-scale “mega” industrial sites covering 45,000 acres. Each of the development areas is connected to open spaces to buffer development, provide important wildlife corridors and opportunities for outdoor recreation. We are adjacent to significant state-owned wildlife management areas, which helps extend the natural reach of the property.  Working with the state and regional leadership along with the Taylor County community, the plan has positioned us to support major economic, residential, and mixed-use development objectives.  With our approved master land use plan, we are positioned to be responsive to opportunity on a grand scale!

Master Development

More than 128,000 acres of Four Rivers property in Taylor County is included in a master land use plan.  The plan supports a preservation-based development pattern with special consideration of the local ecology and job creation.  It was designed to support Taylor County’s 50-year vision (Vision 2060) to “protect, sustain, and enhance” the quality of life for the community.  Development in this region will be demand driven and with the pre-thinking in place these areas can accelerate the process for locating within the planned areas.

Economic Development

Four Rivers supports local, regional and state economic development efforts and its master plan can assist with these efforts. To assist in the location of expanding and job-generating businesses, Four Rivers incorporated four “Regional Employment Centers” as part of its master land use plan. Three of these sites are located in areas that support large-scale employment-generating activities – essentially creating “Mega” scale industrial sites. These industrial/business sites provide huge land area to attract the location of existing or new businesses that create jobs and bring new, taxable investment into the region. They provide businesses with mammoth-scale opportunities for contiguous growth and development.

Four Rivers Approved Master Plan

Four Rivers' Master Land Use Plan is one of the largest approved master plans in Florida’s history, consisting of more than 128,000 acres. The Four Rivers plan is focused within Taylor County and provides for a development program of:

  • 10 urban and three rural Planning Areas
  • 45,289 Planning Area acres, including:
  • 30,726 mixed-use residential acres
  • 14,563 “Regional Employment Center” acres (land use for business)
  • 25,673 residential units
  • 10,250,000 industrial, non-residential square feet
  • 5,154,000 other non-residential square feet (e.g., Office, Retail, Hotel, Medical, Post-Secondary Education)
  • 82,797 Agriculture-Transfer land use acres (forestry, agriculture and recreation area)

Developmental Districts

Linking Four Rivers' mixed-use residential and non-residential planning areas are four districts of development. These include Perry, Keaton Beach, Steinhatchee and the Hampton Springs areas.

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